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S3 Episode 10 – TNS Radio Punk Podcast

This week’s show is brought to you by the guys from TNSrecords. Bev & Andy play tunes from bands playing Manchester Punk Festival on the weekend. They really didn’t talk about a lot but somehow managed to fill the whole hour. Basically, buy your Manchester Punk Festival tickets to reduce their stress levels and everyone will be happy.

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The show also goes on on Real Punk Radio on Thursdays at 5pm Eastern time and on Punk Rock Demo at 7pm Pacific time.

Here is what they played:

The Filaments – Once In A While
Creeper – Gloom
Apologies, I Have None – The 26
Vanilla Pod – Best Intentions
Jankem – Internal Warfare
Fair Do’s – Innurendo
The Human Project – At What Point
Casual Nausea – Benefits Benefit No One
Burning From The Inside – Only Death Can Kill Me
Hobopope and the Goldfish Cathedral‏ – Gravy Fat Hands
Faintest Idea – Mutual Aid
The Cut Ups – These Bones Were Built On Rice
No///se – The Little Things You Love To Hate
G.L.O.S.S. – G.L.O.S.S (We’re From The Future)

Please spread the word if you liked the podcast. Next week’s show will be brought to you by Moz and Mike. Stay tuned.

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