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If you’ve heard the much-acclaimed debut 7”, Wretched Life, or the equally well-received follow-up mini LP, Crushed Down to Paste, you’ll have already sussed that PI$$ER do things a bit differently, especially given the usually tight stylistic parameters of the d-beat genre that underpins their frenetic sound.

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Having thus far shunned any traditional ‘band photos’, instead using mutant collages which neatly reflect the Frankenstein’s’ Monster approach taken with their unique and uncompromising music, provides a visual clue that we’re not dealing with a run-of-the-mill band here.

Described by some as “just too weird”, and by others as “a revelation”, this is always going to be a marmite band – you’re either going to want to smooch it raw or recoil in disgust; there’s unlikely to be much middle ground. I guess d-beat with a prominent saxophone was always going to be divisive!

So, hot on the heels of Crushed Down to Paste, comes Carved Up for Yuks, and if the previous releases hadn’t bewildered sections of the punk public enough, then this might just be the one to do it. Carved Up for Yuks is the sound of KING TUBBY and LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY fighting over how best to mix a DISCHARGE record. Brand new versions of tracks from Wretched Life and Crushed Down to Paste make up the tracklist here. Heavy reverb and delay, monstrously treated sounds soaked in effects, complete restructuring of the original songs – in some cases to the extent that they sound like entirely different songs – are what this record offers. This isn’t one of those remix records where you can barely tell the difference between the original version and the remix; these are radical treatments, as you should expect from PI$$ER by now. “Carved Up” really is the right phrase, although ‘eviscerated’ would have would have been an equally apt descriptor!

PI$$ER is unlike most other bands. PI$$ER will not stagnate. PI$$ER is not for everyone, but a fantastical journey awaits those with inquiring minds and strong enough stomachs.

All tracks destroyed and rebuilt by James Domestic.

Black (limited) – 125
Red – 189

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PRE-ORDER: 14/02/2021