‘No Life’ / ‘This Is Your Life’ Split 12”

Back in 2018 TNSrecords favourites The Domestics and Pizzatramp teamed up for the ‘Discipline’ split 5” back in 2018 (three songs each in less than a minute per side, lest we forget) are back.  This time with something a little longer…

Rather than a minute apiece, this time both outfits turn in a full side of 12” vinyl.

Here’s the lowdown:

THE DOMESTICS kick things off side A and musically this not only delivers the fast, intelligent, aggressive hardcore they’re known for, but also broadens into some different tempos and dynamics, with subtle touches of extra instrumentation previously only hinted at on ‘Ideal’ from their ‘A Gift to Your Masters’ 7”. This prolific outfit add another fine addition to their extensive discography. East Anglian Hardcore plus!

On side B, PIZZATRAMP also up their creative game, taking in the rise of the political right and many other aspects of the Orwellian nightmare the UK is more closely resembling with every passing week.  Chunky, powerful riffs of varying tempos and throat-shredding vocals abound, and their side rips just like it should.

For both bands, this is a formidable and hugely impressive release.

White 150
Black 356