New Release - Chewed Up / Casual Nausea Split LP

Chewed Up / Casual Nausea Spilt

We are very pleased to announce that we are releasing the vinyl version of the Chewed Up & Casual Nausea split album. Self-released earlier in the year on CD we absolutely loved that both bands had managed to record their awesome live on sound. Seeing the both again at Strummercamp was the final straw, we had to get involved. So this is the result. You can now pre-order the split on beautiful pink vinyl from our webstore. We have all the usual deals. Please check it out and spread the word.

Pre-order the record here.

Here is a little on both the bands and reviews of the split if you need someone else’s word and don’t trust our opinion.

Chewed Up are Antifascist Skacore bikepunks. Walk in the Bike lane when they’re around and you’re going to get reprimanded. Peddling their brand of shout along dancing numbers with some seriously abrasive vocals they’ve been ripping up venues up and down the UK on tour with their buddies Casual Nausea. For fans of Leftover Crack/R.A.M.B.O

A glorious frantic mess. More a group or friends or some sort of deranged punk rock family than a band. Casual Nausea:- fast and aggressive yet strangely tuneful and sing along at the same time, don’t know how to categorise them selves other than… S’punk rock innit. Check out the split album, everyone involved is really proud of it.


Split Reviews:

The CD came.. I played it.. My ears bled. Cheers mate – Tony Vermin, Antipop

This is one of those releases that gives you a chance to go back to a style of music that you have not looked at for an awfully long time; I have not given punk (and both traditional and crust/hardcore punk) a listen in far too and it is a good shot in the arm for me.  Both bands bring different things to the table and both are played really well.  I will be honest as say I prefer Chewed Up, the energy from those seven minutes just knocked me sideways; Casual Nausea remind me of when my mate would play old school d-beat bands when I was growing up and the sheer joy in his excitement at that type of music.  But both bands given themselves a good showing and if you have even the slightest interest in punk of any sort, get your hands on this…  – allthetimeiwaslistening [link]