Life, Death and Everything In Between

We’re excited. We hope you are too! There is a new album from Stöj Snak.

‘Life, Death and Everything in Between’ is the second full-length album by Stöj Snak and it completes the band’s transition from one-man-band to a full band lineup with guitars, washboard, drums and double-bass (counting members from Mighty Midgets, Columbian Neckties, Batolit, and record collective 5FeetUnder Records). You can pre-order it now!

While still keeping the songwriting and raw voice of front man Niels Sørensen front and center (e.g. in the guitar-ballad BLISS POINT and the 11 minute title track), the album sees the band incorporating more progressive and instrument-driven elements into their unique brand of punk infused folk (as heard in the punky standouts TREES and FIRE). The band also experiments a bit with their sound adding brass on WANTS//NEEDS and in the piano-driven ballad SONGS ABOUT BELIEFS.

The lyrics also remain an integral of the songs. And while the album (like its predecessor) has a great deal of social commentary, the lyrics take a more personal approach and tackles how our culture and societal structures affect us all on a more intimate level (e.g. THE (NOT SO) GREAT DEPRESSION and the sarcastic SENSIBLE UTILITY).

The album is out on the 23rd October. We have copies on Yellow and Magenta vinyl here.

Alongside the pre-order the band are streaming the track ‘Fire’ on bandcamp. It is one of the more action-packed songs and sees the band taking it’s folk punk sound up a notch, blending in almost thrash-sounding riffs and plenty of screaming while still maintaining a catchy, melodic edge in the songwriting.

The singer/songwriter Niels has the following to say about the track:

“Given the subject matter of the song, it’s appropriate that it comes out on 9/11. A date that has been carved into our collective consciousness for how profoundly, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the following conflicts and wars have shaped the world, its politics and our self-image.

In the song, we try to examine what terrorism means, who the real terrorists are and not least what we/they are really fighting against/for. Looking back at this seemingly never ending conflict between ideologies that was amplified by 9/11 (complete with countless horrendous war crimes, human right violations and human atrocities), it seems no war has been won, no progress has been made and that the world feels even more divided now. Instead, this war against our own fears has moved inside us all and become part of our minds.

We should have heeded Nietzsche’s warming: ’Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster… for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.’”

Yellow – 233
Magenta – 233
Gold – 100 (Stöj Snak exclusive)
Blue w/ Black Splatter – 100 (Stöj Snak exclusive)