TNSrecords Vol.3 ‘These Troublesome Thinkers’

Various Artists

TNSrecords vol.3 These Troublesome Thinkers

Cat: TNS020
Format: Double CD
Released: August 2012

"'Another calamitous cavalcade of the best of UK ska and punk' It's been said before and will no doubt again, but TNS Records' tireless efforts in the name of the UK ska / punk scene are some of the most worthwhile we've had since the late 1990s." 5/5 Big Cheese

42 tracks of underground punk from the UK and the rest of the world across two CDs. We are really proud of our third compilation and think it is our best one yet.

"In 2008 we released TNS volume 1: ‘Music By People Who Drink Cider in the Gutter’, which was our first release as a label.

The fact that we have made it to our 20th release and our 3rd compilation is something that we never expected, but also something we are really pleased about, especially as it’s all been done on a non-profit basis whilst trying to balance it with other commitments, such as full time jobs.

TNS simply couldn’t exist without the help of everyone who buys our releases, supports us and obviously all the bands involved.

This compilation is a collective release between ourselves and all the bands who feature and it could not have happened without their help.

All of these bands work very hard for very little (or no) financial gain, because they love the music they play and the amazing community our music scene provides, which stretches worldwide. If you can help them out by picking up their other albums and EPs or by watching them live (or even by putting them on in your town or city... seriously if we can do it, anyone can) we know it means everything to them.

The underground scene is thriving at the moment despite the fact that we are facing such difficult times politically and socially, so lets keep it that way. Support your local bands, promoters, fanzines and radio shows and they will continue to go from strength to strength and exist outside of the commercial world.

This album is just a snapshot of the bands we listen to and have worked with. There are so many more amazing bands everywhere who also deserve your support, some of which have been on previous compilations/releases and many whom we are yet to even hear.

We hope you enjoy this CD as much as we do."

“The possibilities are endless” The Steal