Acid Drop – The End of Days

Acid Drop

Acid Drop

The End of Days

Cat: TNS028
Format: CD
Released: July 2013

“Raised from the teat on the sounds of Fat Wreck, but as British as roast beef… a great punk album you need to grab.” Big Cheese

‘The End Of Days’ is a split release with the band’s own Pie Race Records. This Leeds based band has been releasing quality skate punk, mixed with a bit of folk and a touch of ska for a few years now, building a great reputation for their thoroughly entertaining live show. This album is their best work yet and it’s really cool be helping to release it. The fifteen tracks on offer here dip into all the genres mentioned, whilst coming together in a coherent way, which sees the band really nailing their own sound down. Fans of NoFX, Street Dogs and fast catchy punk in general, will love this.