4-Way International Split EP feat. Revenge

Mighty Midgets/Revenge of…/FOTNS/Broken Aris

Four Band Split

Cat: TNS016
Format: CD
Released: 2011

“100% punk rock fury – one of the best punk collaborations of the decade” 5/5 Big Cheese

“Big Hands wishes he could beat Bev at chess” Bev

A feast of FAST featuring four awesome bands from the UK, USA and Scandinavia, all playing stupidly fast punk rock. Revenge of the Psychotronic Man follow up their critically acclaimed TNS album ‘Make Pigs Smoke’ with 6 brand new tracks of Zeke-esque thrashy punk. They are joined by 3 awesome bands. Danish hardcore punks, Mighty Midgets open the CD and American metal-edged thrash punks, Fist of the North Star and Swedish technical skate punks Broken Aris complete the disk, which is released by TNS in the UK, Stikman Records in the USA and 5FeetUnder in Denmark.

“This really is too good for words. Hard and fast and generally amazing. Buy this album, your ears will love you forever” Issue Fanzine

“Absolutely quality stuff… you really should be owning this.” Lights Go Out

“Hardcore songs for a hardcore summer. From the criminal minds behind TNS Records (UK) and 5FeetUnder (DK) and Stickman Records (US). 5/5 MPTYzine

“A snapshot of a thriving worldwide hardcore punk scene, and by f*ck, it stokes me out to see it.” 5/5 Shot in the Foot

“More pace than an entire pack of prize-winning Greyhounds and more snarling attitude than a Rottweiler that’s been on a Tofu diet for a month”Scannerzine

“A shining example of what can be achieved when resources are pooled” Riot 77

“This split release is a perfect example of why punk music usually is a style and genre that invites to unity, fellowship and a common front” 6/7 Revolution Music

 “If you like your music fast and with passion, this is a must. The Cd is a full on hardcore thrash from start to end, never letting up and relentless” Deadlamb

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man | Mighty Midgets  | Fist of the North Star | Broken Aris