Jodie Faster's [In]Complete Discography

We’re very excited to bring you a remastered ‘[In]Complete Discography’ from fast hardcore punks Jodie Faster. After 5 tape pressings and 3 very limited vinyl pressings Jodie Faster’s first EP ‘Complete Discography’ has now been remastered and pressed on pink vinyl. You definitely want this record in your life. Pick up a copy here.

Formed in Lille, France, in late 2016, Jodie Faster is a fast hardcore, political punk quartet. Playing furious and frantic songs about modern life, oppression systems, life on the road and punk ethos, the band has released their first EP Complete Discography in 2017, then a split EP with Rouen’s Genital Jiggling 666 Cups of Black Coffee in 2018, before launching their debut album Blame Yourself on TNSrecords, alongside many other badass labels. They’ve toured Europe and UK several time, did videos, met some great people around, promote gigs in their hometown, played many great festivals (Manchester Punk Fest, Fluff fest, Xtreme Fest, Ieper Hardcore Fest to name a few), seen a lot of killing bands and personal idols, told some good jokes & some botched ones, crossed some borders easily and other less easily… Often sad, always funny, the band tries to spread some rage and some love around.

Pink 700 w/ Screenprinted B-Side
Co release with DTTH Records (FR), Toxic Wotsit (UK), Spastic Fantastic (GER), La Agonia De Viver Records (SPA), Inhumano (SWI), No Time Records (USA), Loner Cult Records (BEL) & Drinkin Beer In Bandana Records (HUN).