Free TNS Sampler & Winter Sale

At TNS our aim is to get great new music in your ears. With this winters TNSrecords sale we have decided to make that easier for you. We have put together a sampler of the last 11 TNS release for free download from the TNSrecords bandcamp page.  Along with 11 free tunes being sent your way you will also get a code to get 25% off in the TNS webstore up to 15 February.

As you know, we run TNS in our spare time on a not-for-profit basis. Every penny that you spend in our webstore will go in to running the label and putting out new tunes. Anything that you spend in our webstore is really appreciated and helps us to keep going. We have some great releases lined up and it would be great to get them into your ears as soon as possible.

If you don’t have any money going spare then there are other ways in which you can support what we do. In this very busy internet world get heard above the noise can be hard. So please let people know about us if you think they would enjoy what we do. You can also donate your Facebook or Twitter account once a month (or more) HERE so we can share TNS news from our pages. Also don’t forget to check out the TNSrecords bandcamp page for loads of pay-what-you-want releases.

Make sure you get the free TNS sampler downloaded to get some free punk in your lives and the sale code to get 25% off in the webstore.