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TNSfanzine Issue 15

fanzine cover issue 15

The latest TNSfanzine is here. This issue celebrate TNS turning 10. Alongside the usual rant, interviews and reviews we have asked people to tell us about the memories of TNS. There are interviews with Acid Drop, No Fealty, Sounds of Swami and BrainDead. It is a bumper issue, I think it is the longest yet.

Unfortunately with the increase cost of both printing and postage we can’t afford to post copies out to the mailing list. BUT if you want to get your hands on a physical copy just head HERE, all you need to do is pay for the p&p. Every issue of this zine operates at a loss. We are very lucky to be able to part fund it through adverts and we’d like to say a huge thanks to all who have advertised. After the advert money is taken into consideration we estimate that each zine costs us around 50p. If you feel you would like to help us to keep it free please send some money via paypal to or, even better, check out the webstore. Thanks so much to all who have done this so far.

Download yourself a copy HERE