The new Electric Press single ‘Leave The Kids Alone’ is out today. The song was primarily written by their guitarist Ollie. The lyrics touch on how Ollie started accepting the fact he was trans. Particularly, touching on the denial that most trans people go through when discovering who they really are.

‘Leave The Kids Alone’ also touches on how daunting this experience can be to come out and express who you are, when the whole world seems to be against you.

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The media in particular, pushes a narrative on what trans people should and shouldn’t be able to do, as well as denying the existence of people who are transgender. These messages go onto to be perpetuated by people who have nothing but hate and ignorance, and this translates into how they act towards trans people. Unfortunately in some cases, leading to violence.

At the start of the song you are met with a sample of Piers Morgan pushing this media narrative on young kids for expressing their gender at a young age.

Living through his experiences, Ollie wishes he could have grown up in a world where it was not just acceptable but encouraged for kids to be able to express their gender. Encouraging people to support children’s experiments, their gender swapping pronouns and using diffident names, allowing them to exist and live through an experience, only few would understand.

Ever since Ollie was 4 years old he has known the exact name and pronouns he wanted to go by. He just didn’t grow up in a world where it would have been expectable to come out at such a young age. A world we hope soon changes.

Stream ‘Leave The Kids Alone’ everywhere – https://linktr.ee/Electric_press_band

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