Do You Know Who You Look Like?

Incisions and pizzatramp split

Welsh thrash-punk superstars PIZZATRAMP join forces with Manchester’s faux-crust shredders INCISIONS on this unadulterated blast of high energy, hardcore goodness.

The split 7” “Do You Know Who You Look Like” is a welcome return for both bands, having already carved an infamous reputation within the UK DIY circuit and showing no signs of slowing down. From the second the needle drops we’re hit with a taste of sweat and cheap lager amidst a backdrop of racing power chords and distorted musical chaos.

Incisions deliver more of what some reviewers have described as “working class” (we think they just mean “northern”) politically charged aggression that will make you want to quit your job, down 7 cans of lager and piss on the nearest police car. Their first release since 2018’s eponymous debut LP and first to feature ex Riggots band member Martin Battle on guitar duties.

 “It’s weird that we’re actually doing this split, none of us actually get on at all. Usually whenever Pizzatramp play I just stand at the side of the stage to hurl abuse at them. Welsh idiots.” Jordan Lloyd, Incisions

Pizzatramp manage to cram 2 songs onto the B side in less time than it takes to read the title of one of them (and no, it’s not the same song twice with minor lyrical alterations). If writing slow ballads was ever a feasible suggestion, nobody told these three lunatics from Caldicot. Expect all the joys of being hit in the face repeatedly with a sonic sledgehammer while riding high on a roller coaster of amphetamines.

Yeah, purely a financial decision for us. Normally we wouldn’t do something like this, but we realised we’d sell more records if we widened our reach. Honestly, Incisions are pure cunts man. I fucking hate those guys.” Jim The Postman, Pizzatramp

Pressing: 500
Released: 27th March 2020
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