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Hi. So you want to get in touch? Its probably best to drop us an email. Please read the section below if you want to get in touch about gigs or review/label requests. Here are the people you should message;

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If you are interested in booking any of the bands for a gig please either or contact the band directly, links are available on their individual profiles.

You can also find us on FACEBOOKTWITTERMYSPACELINKEDIN and YOUTUBE if you prefer.


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For people after gigs:

It’s obviously great that people are interested in playing our gigs, but we’re averaging about 20 gig requests a week and we rarely put stuff on anymore. We tend to put on gigs 2 or 3 times a quarter and occasionally others promote gigs under the TNS banner. We perhaps do a couple of all-dayers a year, but most gigs have 4 or 5 slots available, so there is absolutely no way we can possibly cater for the amount of interest we receive.

At the moment we don’t have any gig slots available but if you send us the info listed below, we’ll add you to the list and let you know if we can help in the future. We are obviously open minded in terms of musical style we put on, but the music does tend to have it’s roots in punk.

Band name:


Links to tracks:

Brief description:

For people wanting reviews/label requests:

One of the best things about running TNS is the amount of interest we get, but one of the worst things is that we simply can’t help everyone who gets in touch.

We are a non-profit label and we have full time jobs alongside this. Money is always a huge issue for us. We’ve had to turn down releasing stuff for some of our favourite bands due to money. If we can’t help it doesn’t necessarily mean we don’t like your music, but you will get this generic message if we are not in the postion to take on any new bands.

What we will say is, that TNS would never be able to and has never in the past fully funded a release. At the very least we’d need bands to fully fund recording and mastering. There is absolutely no reason why you can’t release in a DIY way. If we can do it anyone can.

In our humble opinion you are better off sending your CD out for review than you are sending hundreds of demos to labels, many of whom won’t even listen to them.

The best thing any band can do in our opinion is gig as much as possible. We sell far more music at live events than we do through any other outlet. Try doing gig swaps too. Put on similar bands in your town/city at DIY gigs in return for playing their town or city. It works a treat and it’s so much fun.

We tend to see most of the bands we release stuff for live – we go to a lot of gigs and are always looking out for new bands purely from a music fan perspective. We do obviously accept demo’s but we get too many to listen to them all particularly quickly. We would tend to review something in our zine and try to see you live before agreeing to release something.

If you are contacting wanting a review in our fanzine, we prefer physical copies (address is in the zine), but will accept digital. We are definitely more likely to listen to a physical CD/vinyl though. We also massively value artwork so would prefer all review copies to have full artwork, even if sent digitally.

Have a listen to one of our samplers/compilations before getting in touch as they give a good indication of our personal tastes and we don’t want to cost you unnecessary money on postage.

We only do 3 or 4 issues a year so we cannot guarantee a review and we only review things we like. Please don’t take this personally, reviews are just opinion and just because we don’t like it doesn’t mean it’s not good, we’d just rather not waste our pages on negative reviews of someone else’s pride and joy.

We do listen (eventually) to everything we get sent and try to pass it on to a reviewer who we think may enjoy it if it’s not our thing. Again remember that we are open minded, but we are essentially a punk label so most stuff we are into tends (although there are exceptions) to at least dip a toe somewhere into the punk spectrum.