If you haven’t check out Wonkfest before. Well you should. This year’s festival, on 25th July, in London, will be amazing. We have asked Alex from the awesome TNS band Wonk Unit to tell you all about it. This is what he has to say:


Hi TNSrecords family! My name is Alex from the band Wonk Unit.

Once a year at the end of July we put on a crazy gig in London that we call Wonkfest. The bands that fit the criteria for this are the ones that have been important to us throughout our year of touring. The bands that put us on in the cities across the UK, the bands that have supported us, the bands with a similar ethos to the Wonk (ie folk that embrace diversity, tolerance, folk that smile and have respect for ones neighbours.).

We are looking to the future.We want the new blood. The leaders of the pack. the scene creators. The folk that get off their asses and do stuff for themselves.These are the bands that play Wonkfest.

Wonk Unit supporting Slaves

We embrace the aspect of community. We encourage everyone to bring a plate of food for a massive buffet! Everyone gets fed. Everyone meets new friends, some lucky devils get laid. It’s chilled, it’s friendly.

Bands not known in London get to play to a new fanbase who really appreciate the chance to see bands from afar. It works! These aren’t the bands you’ll see on your usual punk rock line ups. These aren’t the bands with the PR companies that you get pushed down your throat in magazines. These are THE REAL BANDS! The bands doing it in the UK right now in 2015. The bands you’ll probably see on the telly in a couple years time. PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARTY!!!!! XXXX


So if that hasn’t convinced you, what is wrong? OK, check out this documentary from last year’s festival:

Pick up your tickets HERE and find out more on Facebook HERE.



The Kirkz with new album ‘Unregrettable’

The Kirkz are back everybody. They have a brand new album out on Friday for your ears. It is available to pre-order now from the webstore and you can download it from our bandcamp on a ‘pay what you want’ basis. We all know Max can talk, so here is what he has to say about the album…

Unregrettable. The album The Kirkz have been threatening to make since the last one. In fact the album The Kirkz have been threatening to make since since the four of them came together in 1998. Scene outlasting, naïve to every punk rock trend over the last 17 years The Kirkz have always done things their own way. This is no doubt poles apart from the right way but that’s what we have to work with.

The Kirkz playing at the Swan

11 bolts of music, 24 blistering minutes. In all but their continued existence The Kirkz learnt long ago not to outstay their welcome. The Fifth Plague is foisted on you in same way 5 more years of hurt and degradation has been pressed into your arms. The wars “over there” are an ever present to the extent of background noise (Curtain Call, Tanks and Machinery). Yet the real drama is any outspokenness hurting someone’s feelings (They Came for Me). And the death of scandal as any outrage has a two week shelf life before it’s forgotten for a new trend (Need to Know). They say if you’re not angry then you’re paying attention. Well we’ve paid close attention.

As per 2010’s Agroculture, Unregrettable is released again on Manchester’s shining example, TNSrecords. There is a limited run of CDs out there for as low price as we can do them. The album will also be available on the TNS Bandcamp on a “pay what you want basis”. It’s a pretty dam novel idea in 2015, how about we make the best album we can afford to off our own backs and then just give it to you for nothing?

It’s yours take it, give it a spin. Maybe you won’t regret it.

Head to our bandcamp page on Friday to download the album.

You can pre-order the album and t-shirt deal from our webstore HERE.

Check the Kirkz out on Facebook HERE.

TNSrecords T-shirt Subscription Series

We like t-shirts. Especially t-shirts with animals swearing on them. We wanted loads of new designs so we decided to try something different. We have asked some of our favourite designers to come up with a t-shirt design for TNS as well as asking you to submit your proposals. With so many great ideas we decided to print a new t-shirt each month with a limited run of just 25 for each design. This is your chance to get your hands on all 12 t-shirts through the year for just £95. If you don’t have all the money up front get in touch with us via our facebook page or email (info@tnsrecords.co.uk) and we will sort something out.

The first design is from an illustration by Dan Allen (Ducking Punches). If you think you have seen the design before you are right. It was used on the a TNS all-dayer post a couple of years ago.

You can buy a subscription HERE (just 10 available) or pick up the Alan Partridge design HERE (just 15 available).

There will only be 10 subscriptions available with the remaining 15 t-shirts available to buy as they come out. Subscriptions will be available for the first two months or until they sell out. Subscribers will be able to tell us if they want a certain t-shirt in a different size, just get in touch as soon as a new design comes out.

Due to there being 12 individual items postage will cost £28. But if you live in Manchester or want to collect them all together when you visit, or see one of us at a gig somewhere in the UK, just select pick-up at gig. We will post each t-shirt out as they arrive.

Beat The Red Light call it a day

Last night Beat The Red Light announced that they are calling it a day. Since the day that we both saw them play in a tiny upstairs room in Colwyn Bay we have been blown away the band. We feel absolutely honoured to have been given the chance to work with them in re-releasing their self titled EP and then going on to put out their debut album ‘Salt The Lands’. Luckily you have the opportunity to catch them live a couple more times, makes sure you don’t miss out. This is what Pook had to say on their facebook page:


Hey Guys
We’ve have had some awesome fun doing this band, playing some incredible shows, meeting the most incredible people. We’ve toured the UK twice and Europe once, we had two awesome recording experiences, first the E.P with Ian Wetherall which was so much fun and the first full length which we miraculously recorded ourselves against all the odds. This is far more than I would’ve ever dreamed of for this band to achieve.

However that being said We feel it is time the band should be put to rest. Like I said earlier we’ve done some amazing and awesome things with this band and the last thing we all want to do is tarnish it. Nobody has had a falling out with anyone within the band, we all still love each other and wish each other all the best, but this band is worth so much more and deserves to go out with a bang.

Their are too many people/bands we would like to thank but we would mostly like to thank Andy and Bev from TNS records for taking a chance with us. We are still going to be playing the shows we have agreed to play which are…

Sat 25th July – Wonkfest – London
Boomtown Festival – 13th to 16th August – Hampshire
Sun 6th Sept – Bristol
Sat 31st Oct – London
Plus to send this band off with a bang we want to organise some weekenders of shows with the last show being in our stamping ground “High Wycombe” We’ll keep you guys updated.

Seriously though….
All The Best!!


Wonk Unit Je M'appelle

Wonk Unit: New Single and Video

Have we got a treat for you? Everyone loves Wonk Unit so that would be a yes. We are kicking your week off with a new Wonk Unit video, which will be available for free download on 6th May.
Channelling a healthy dose of punk rock cynicism and bitter irony Wonk Unit unleash another 3 minute melodic pop-punk classic with new single “Je M’ appelle Alex,” released 6th May, Rising Phoenix-like from The Flying Medallions (AKA “the best live band on the planet”) Wonk Unit have attained an almost mythological status in the UK underground, having played easily over 500 UK club shows and touring Europe many times, getting substantial attention in the underground press and BBC Radio 1 airplay.
 “One of the most unique bands in modern punk rock. Wonk Unit are a fresh breath of life in the London punk scene. They’re fun, weird, poetic and utterly compelling all at once, a must-see.Art Rocker
Front man Alex Brindle-Johnson is a modern day renaissance man, a plasterer by trade, he is also published author – having written a book during his commute to and from various London building sites. His poetry even saw him being invited to open the London leg of the international LitCrawl festival in 2013.
Alex first came across Slaves in 2012 and on hearing their Sugar Coated Bitter Truth EP immediately recognized a spark and similar mentality in the young duo. Within weeks they were on their first UK tour supporting Wonk on their “Muffy” album. Since then the two bands have played countless shows together, culminating on 6th & 7th May at London’s Scala for two nights of punk rock celebratory mayhem in the capital.
“Wonk Unit are arguably the future of punk rock; I fully accept that that’s a bold statement, but having had ‘Nervous Racehorse’, the fourth full length album from the London outfit on rotation for the past week I feel they entirely justify the claim…” Louder Than War

Je M’appelle Alex is the first single to be taken from the upcoming Mr Splashy album due for release in early 2016 on TNSrecords. Wonk Unit and TNS are a perfect fit – Manchesters TNS records have been putting out cutting edge independent punk rock music since 2008 and have had releases by bands such as Revenge of The Psychotronic Man, Vanilla Pod, Roughneck Riot, Beat The Red Light, Stand Out Riot and Bootscraper
“[Wonk Unit] have managed the almost impossible task of having found their own sound.It’s punk son, but not as we know it”Big Cheese
Photo C. Mark Richards
Wonk play rebellion, 3 chords and fest this year as well as support slots with teenage bottle rocket. Wonk unit’s own festival “wonkfest” is on July 25th this year at London’s dome in Tufnell Park.
Wonk Unit
Faintest Idea Badger

Free Faintest Idea Download and European Tour

Ahead of their European tour Faintest Idea hace released a new version of their track ‘Mutial Aid’ as a free download from their Bandcamp page.

Head to their bandcamp page HERE.
UK ska-punk band Faintest Idea has released of an alternate version of their song ‘Mutual Aid’ along with an accompanying video and free download. The original recording of the track featured on the 2012 album ‘The Voice Of Treason’ but since, the band have undergone some line up changes and progressed their sound.
“This track is one of our favorite songs to play live, and we wanted to capture the sound of the current line up” said guitarist Jack Player.
Download the track for free HERE
The band has also announced that they have entered the studio to begin work on their 4th studio album to be released through TNSrecords before the end of the year.
Faintest Idea’s relentless touring schedule and energetic live performance has seen them build an ever-growing army of loyal fans and they have no plan to slow down anytime soon. The band is currently on tour through Europe and the UK in the following places…
April 2015
13 – PJ Mcginties, Ipswich UK*
14 – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich UK*
15 – The Montague Arms, London UK*
16 – Jeugdhuis Tydeeh, Mol BE
17 – Eat The Beat Festival, Nürnberg DE
18 – Geislingen, Seemühle DE
 21 – Ceska 1 Music Club, Kutna Hora, CZ
 22 – Cross Club, Prag CZ
23 – Secret Show, Hof DE
 24 – Supamolly, Berlin DE
 25 – Halberstadt, Zora DE
“’Ignorance Is This’ is pure testosterone ska, perfect for those with a bit of bite in their skank. 4/5” Big Cheese
‘Faintest Idea are a band deep set in the wave of anti-Coalition politics stirred in UK music.  They are angry, direct and do their genre a great service in their pointed rage and well-crafted Operation Ivy-style ska-punk.  Their sound is at times bouncy, at times raw and always perfectly pinned down, reminiscent of Against All Authority, The Filaments and Have Nots.’ Push To Fire
“All in all, this is a killer second album and is perfect for fans of The Filaments, Suicide Bid, Citizen Fish and UK ska punk in general.”Shot in the Foot
TNSrecords t-shirt designs

Design A TNS T-shirt

Here is your chance to design a TNS t-shirt! All you need to do is send us examples of your work and a proposal to the TNSrecords facebook page. We will then pick one, or more, proposal that we like the sound of to create a design. These will then be printed on a limited edition t-shirt run with the designers getting a t-shirt and a TNS releases goodie bag.

If you need a bit of inspiration here are some examples of the many TNS t-shirt designs we have printed so far.

TNSrecords t-shirt designs

Strummercamp Festival

Strummercamp Festival


Strummercamp is now in it’s tenth year and we are pleased to announce that we will be keeping up our involvement in what is always a great weekend. TNSrecords are returning once again to help run the second stage at the festival. We will be teaming up with our good friends from Spannered and Anarchistic Undertones to bring you some great bands. Whilst Hempen Jig will be doing their thing all weekend across at the acoustic stage.

We have a very limited number of weekend tickets to sell at the reduced price of £50. They are available from our webstore. Don’t miss out.

Here is what we are bringing this year:

TNS: Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Casual Nausea, Repossessed, Eastfield, Officer Down, Rising Strike, Matilda’s Scoundrels, Chewed Up, Shitgripper, The 4130s, Foxpunch.

HEMPEN JIG: The Godfather, Depresstival, Seamo McKenna, Minnie, Andrew Cream, Hello Mable, Tragical History Tour, Zealous Doxy, Paper Wings, X-Ray Cat, Foxes Faux.

ANARCHISTIC UNDERTONES / PUNX INNA JUNGLE (Late Stage 11pm – 2am): The Stopouts, Jake & The Jellyfish, YOSSER

SPANNERED: Jenkem, Faintest Idea, Fair Do’s, A Fish Called Bastard, Bullets With Blue Eyes, Dead Blends, Kleine Schweine, The Chacers, Cryonic Noise.

HEMPEN JIG: Pewter City Punk, Laura Taylor, Arms & Hearts, Tim Loud, Dave Heap, Lone Groover, Mark Ayling, Miranda Arieh, Jonny Gill, Joe Solo, Backyard Burners.

ANARCHISTIC UNDERTONES / PUNX INNA JUNGLE (Late Stage 11pm – 2am): Stand Out Riot, John Player Specials, Riggots.

There are also loads of great bands playing across on the the Main Stage / Dave Howard Stage over the weekend. They are:

The Men They Couldn’t Hang, XSLF, Ruts DC, Goldblade, TV Smith, The Urban Voodoo Machine, The Wakes, Roughneck Riot, Louise Distras, Superfast Girlie Show, Comrade X, Bryan McPherson, Def Digby, Babylon Dub Punks, Cheapskates, 2 Sick Monkeys, The Yalla Yallas, Run Out The Guns, Dubtalllica, Brassneck, Midage Rampage, Bug, The Uplifters, Dick Venom & The Terrortones, The Activators, Urban Empire, The Cornelius Crane, Lewy Bodies, Band Of The Underhand, Verbal Warning, The Hamsters.

Please support this festival and celebrate it making it this far.

Manchester Punk Festival

Win Tickets to Manchester Punk Festival

Manchester Punk Festival is nearly upon us. If you haven’t checked out the line-up yet, get on it. We have teamed up with the lovely people at Moving North and Anarchistic Undertones to bring you 50 awesome bands on 17/18 April. And it is only going to cost you £15.

Check out the line-up on the MPF website here: https://manchesterpunkfestival.co.uk

Here is your chance to get in for free. This Saturday we are running a quick competition to win a pair of tickets, whilst also giving you the chance to get your hands on a free screen printed MPF poster.

On Saturday we are going to wonder around Manchester city centre putting up the screen printed posters for you guys to find and take for yourself. One will have a code on the back that you can email to bev@tnsrecords.co.uk to claim your prize.

Manchester Punk Festival Screen Prints Manchester Punk Festival Screen prints

To help you track down the posters we are going to be adding pictures of their location on the TNSrecords facebook, twitter and instagram through the day.

If that was not enough we have just released the latest Manchester Punk Festival sampler to bandcamp. Go and download it for free to check out the bands playing over the weekend.

Vanilla Pod Seeing Out The Sunrise

New Release from Vanilla Pod

We are very proud to announce that we will be joining forces with Dry Heave and Fixing A Hole Records (Jpn) to bring you the new ‘mini-album’ from Vanilla Pod. The Norfolk punks will be celebrating their twentieth anniversary with ‘Seeing Out The Sunrise’.

2015 is a big year for Kings Lynn punk quintet Vanilla Pod, it’s their 20th anniversary of being a band. Who’d have ever thought  back in 95 that it’d come this far, but it has. In April they will release their sixth full recording which will come as a seven track Mini LP called “Seeing Out The Sunrise” which is to be released on CD and Coloured Vinyl in the UK on TNS Records / Dry Heave Records and released in Japan on Fixing A Hole. There will be a series of gigs to celebrate in April including a two day festival called Podstock which features bands and old friends like Snuff, Capdown, Consumed and Goober Patrol amongst many others which sold out within 14 hours of tickets going on sale. They plan on making another trip over to mainland Europe later in the year to promote their new release to top off what appears to be a great year for them. Vanilla Pod are playing as much as they want to and still enjoying the ride.

You will be able to pre-order the vinyl and CD off us soon, along with the normal deals. But before then you can wrap you ears around an exclusive stream of the new track ‘Wishing Well’ below.

March 14th  Drum & Monkey Ipswich
April 4th + 5th Podstock – The Owl Sanctuary, Norwich
April 10th The Black Heart, Camden London
April 11th The Voodoo Lounge, Stamford
April 18th Manchester Punk Festival
May 7th Underworld, London
May 9th The Exchange, Bristol
July 25th Wonk Fest, The Dome, Tufnell Park London