Calais Donation - Revenge of... Tour

Revenge of the Psychotronic Man are heading out on tour in mainland Europe later this week. As they’ll be passing through Calais, they thought it would be good to drop some donations at the camps to help people who are there.

This is what they have to say;

“We hear they are pretty stocked up on food/clothes (and the van is pretty full already), so our plan atm is to collect money and then drop by the camp and ask what they need (cheers for the info Robin Licker), then head to some shops to pick specific things up.

If you would like to help out please click the paypal button below. Obviously you can 100% trust us that the money will go to the camps, but in the interests of transparency we will document where it goes. Let us know if you want to get involved.

Friday 23 October – The Union Bar, Hastings
Saturday 24 October – The Flatertheek, Naaldwijk, The Netherlands
Sunday 25 October – Gebr de Nobel, Leiden, The Netherlands
Monday 26 October – HPC Cafe, The Hague, The Netherlands
Tuesday 27 October – Pino Noir, Groningen, The Netherlands
Wednesday 28 October – Rote Flora, Hamburg, Germany
Thursday 29 October – Wagenplatz Karl Helga, Leipzig, Germany
Friday 30 October – Tydeeh, Mol, Belgium
Saturday 31 October – Gonzo, Ninove, Belgium