Bobby Funk are Longing For The Bonging

We are excited to team up Cornish hardcore upstarts Bobby Funk to unleash the band’s debut album ‘Longing For The Bonging’ a high octane thrill ride of snotty fast punk!

Two years on from ‘Avocado Stains’ Bobby Funk are back with their debut album ‘Longing For The Bonging’. Recorded in January 2020, this is the bands most ambitious offering yet. From the first dystopian guitar notes on ‘Dunch’ to the euphoric trumpets and drumming on ‘Gammon Club’ this album does not let up for the whole 21 minutes. Fast paced, energetic songs and tongue in cheek lyrics are what we’ve come to expect from Bobby Funk. This release does not disappoint.

Dunch explores Judy Dench’s Hench lunch. I’m A Cat is self-explanatory. Put Your Hands On The Car transports us to Fergus Beeley’s road rage incident. K Grind focuses on skateboarding and Ketamine. Breakfast Means Breakfast is an insight into the fragile British “better than all the rest” mentality. Side B kicks off with what it would be like to be Best Friends With Kanye, do you realise that I’ve got Onion Eyes? Povvo Goblin pits the Tolkein Proletariat Goblins against the Tory Harry Potter ones. Gammon Club takes you into the mind of Wetherspoons Terry in a triumphant finish.

“In an odd way after the last few weeks I feel the album name has taken on a new meaning for me. I find myself ‘Longing For The Bonging’ of a simpler time where the uncertainty of Brexit rather than a global pandemic hung over our heads. At least we could still go to gigs…”

This is how the shirt design was decided:

“In true Bobby Funk style, we are doing something ridiculous with the pre-order t-shirt. Like and share the pre-order post on the TNSrecords Facebook page and comment with what should be on the shirt. We will pick the winner at random on 10th May and then design it. Anyone who buys the shirt before knowing what the design is wins extra cool points. Disclaimer: We can’t/won’t make it if it is too offensive. Please go for silly rather than horrible.”

The winning idea was selected by Martin Appleby. The shirt was designed by Kris Haylock –

Pressed on hot pink vinyl. Limited to 300 copies.

Pick up a copy from our store.

The album is officially out on 6th June, 2020.