Tim Loud

Tim’s is a voice that needs to be heard amongst the chaos of the modern world

Tim Loud is a one-man, multi-instrumentalist, genre-spanning song-writer now based in Stoke-on-Trent after many years of touring the UK and Western Europe. He delivers heartfelt and irreverent performances as a solo acoustic act as well as raucous and energetic full band sets with the Terrorpins, a band consisting of ex-members of Wonk Unit, Revenge of… and Tinned Fruit.


Since his debut EP in 2012, Tim Loud has been building a songbook that would make the Tom Waits’ and Bob Dylans’ of this life jealous. Be it a driving blues shuffle, a wistful country ballad or a full-on punk rock anthem, the world of Tim Loud is a wide and varied one, as diverse in its sonic soundscape and instrumentation as it is in its study and observations of life and the human condition. Accordions, harmonicas, fiddles and orchestral strings provide the brushstrokes of a neo-western landscape where the kitchen-sink-drama of life in the industrial North of England meets the Old World roots music of the Americas, like a Ken Loach film scored by Ennio Morricone, or Fred Dinbah wearing a cowboy hat.

Years of rigorous touring both as a solo act and with a full band have rendered Loud with the experience and skill of a worldly balladeer twice his age. An active member of the DIY punk community, Tim has featured on many collaborations with other bands and artists as well as releasing his own LPs Born To Lose(2014) What Am I?(2016) and 2018’s Salvation on TNSrecords, to much critical acclaim.

Tales of the weary traveler, the nomadic outsider, femme fatales and broken hearts never seem pretentious or contrived, and you can tell Tim has seen, felt and lived the things he sings about. Songs with themes of isolation, alienation but ultimately catharsis and redemption, are expertly crafted and performed with a genuine honesty that is seldom found in today’s music scene and perhaps even more rarely celebrated.

Tim’s is a voice that needs to be heard amongst the chaos of the modern world, to question who we are and remind us of what we should be thankful for, and to guide us on our own personal journeys to salvation.


“Saucy Fucker!” Steve Ignorant, Crass.

“A songwriter who should be far better known than he is.” Outline Online

“TNSrecords work under the banner ‘Get Pissed, Talk Shit, Dance Like An Idiot’ – Tim Loud has provided them and you with the perfect soundtrack to do exactly that.”  Louder Than War

“Tim Loud is an exceptionally talented individual who deserves a lot of success.” CPRW

“From fast, full-band Hardcore Punk to juxtaposing Folk, Folk-Punk, Blues and of course gritty Anti-Folk, Mr Loud’s forays into Punk music are far, wide and varied.” Ear Nutrition