Roughneck Riot

Older and more prone to tiredness, but spurred on by constant irritation.

By no means a traditional folk-punk band, Roughneck Riot have been making their mark on the underground punk scene since 2005 with their heavy, melodic sound. Drawing influence from a menagerie of Folk, punk and hardcore bands and praised for their high octane live performances across the UK and Europe, Roughneck Riot are one of the most unique and exciting bands in the UK Punk scene.


Consisting of 6 bodies and a load more strings, bunch of buttons and a few drum sticks, Roughneck Riot have built on the messy beginnings to release This is Our Day and Out of Anger, both respectively marking their place within a vibrant and energetic punk scene. Roughneck are more than ready for a new release in 2021, and chomping at the bit to travel, sweat and shout to a post-brexit apocalypse.

Roughneck have been hammering the roads in UK and mainland Europe since their inception, earning a reputation as a hard-working and well travelled live tour de force. Staunchly anti-fascist and anti-dickhead, the motive of internationalist solidarity is needed more than ever. After a spell of recording and recuperating, and a further enforced spell of quarantine, Roughneck Riot are restless and snapping at the ankles. Older and more prone to tiredness, but spurred on by constant irritation.


“On Out Of Anger Roughneck Riot prove why they are so highly thought of by their peers. They’ve taken a different approach to this album, slowing it down somewhat to really allow their message to come through but they have still made their best album yet. Fantastic songwriters and musicians Out Of Anger proves that Roughneck Riot are the real deal” – Colin’s Punk rock World

“We now live in a time filled with political disarray and uncertainty, and when Roughneck Riot can provide a voice where others may be silent, we need them more than they probably know.” – Glen Bushall, Punktastic

“Combining genres of music can really help a band stand out against the crowd. What’s more impressive is when a band can make the sound truly their own, and it is genuinely impressive that THE ROUGHNECK RIOT from Warrington well and truly have the niche of punk/folk covered!” – James Weaver, Distortedsoundmag