They’re the prime example of why people love UK punk. Dirty, drunk, fast ragers.

Pizzatramp are a three piece thrash punk band from the hard streets of Caldicot, South Wales in late 2014. More than five years later, they still have no idea if their name is Pizzatramp, Pizza Tramp or PizzaTramp which should give some indication of the planning and effort put into the band. Specialities: Short songs, swear words, internet trolling, heavy drinking, smoking, breaking vans, undercutting other bands on merch and arguing. If you want an argument about anything, at any time, call Jimmy on 07707027269. Give them a listen if you want to hear a cheap copy of any American 80s hardcore band that have a good name, logo and bitter infighting about song royalties.


Jamie Munro of famed UK punk outfit Aerial Salad With A Full Stop had this to say about Pizzatramp:
“Pizzatramp get booked for every major punk event in the UK because they’re the prime example of why people love UK punk. Dirty, drunk, fast ragers. A mixture of chaos, comedy, and some of the most insane thrash punk you’ve ever heard. Pizzatramp have earned places at festivals like Rebellion, Boomtown, (what ever others) (NOTE FROM PIZZATRAMP: I think we were meant to enter more festivals and shows we’ve played here, but we aren’t going to. Jamie Munro from Aerial Salad might have written this to help us out, but he could have at least did some research) Not a band to be missed, always to be seen pissed”


“OK. Let’s cut to the chase: this Pizzatramp record, was, against my expectations, actually pretty good…” Apathy and Exhaustion 

“Pizzatramp make out that they’re a shambolic, pissed up mess. They’re not. Well, they may well be to be honest, but that doesn’t stop them being a fucking incredible band.” Shout Louder

“Pizzatramp deal in stupidly fast thrash punk songs about drinking, hangovers, working class life and more drinking, as well as more serious topics like racism and the NHS. All this is delivered at 100Mph, as 15 tracks in 25 minutes will attest to.” Colin’s Punk Rock World

“The Welshmen unleash plenty of short songs, waves of fast punk rock blended with the aggressiveness of hardcore, striking a resemblance to the likes of Trash Talk and Revenge of the Psychotronic Man. Expect a lot of energy and a barrage of hard-hitting riffage.” Broken Arrow Magazine