Ever outspoken and forever pissing off Tory’s, but with a tendency not to take themselves seriously.

Boasting powerful rhythms, aggressive guitars and vocals with more bollocks than you would know what to do with. They also through in the odd melodic hook for good measure. Ever outspoken and forever pissing off Tory’s, but with a tendency not to take themselves seriously, with a 1 anti-fascist, anti-capitalist and pro equality message which can be heard through their lyrics and live shows.


Forming in late 2012, Brassick have been around a decent amount of time now and have developed their craft substantially over the years. Always playing with a hybrid of sounds and channelling a vast source of influences Brassick released debut EP “Broke & Restless” in 2013 with the follow up full length self-titled album released in 2015. It was at this time the band developed their relationship with Mass Productions a French based DIY label that they continue to work with today.

In 2017 the band developed their sound releasing EP number 2 “Appreciate Your Concern” working alongside Mass Prod once again, Urinal Vinyl and Iron Man records.
Two and a half years later Brassick finally release “2.0” their 2nd full length release and almost certainly their most accomplished to date on TNSrecords. Featuring guest appearances from Jock Byth (GBH) & Chris Scott (Sick Pins) “2.0 “again sees the band develop their sound and ideas further into some completely new while remaining 1 to their roots along the way. Anyone listening to the new record and seeing them live in 2020 and onwards will recognise everything that bought the band to this point while seeing a completely different animal entirely.


“2.0 from start to finish is quite simply magnificent; right up there with some of the best punk offerings heard in recent times.” – Ringmaster 

“2.0 is an accomplished, focused, dynamic record, and the sound of a band hitting their stride in considerable fashion.” – TonkoJeff 

“If Brassick weren’t on your radar then they should be now! This years set the world on fire album so far.” – The Punk Site