10 Questions With James Domestic

If you’ve had any interest in the UK underground hardcore punk scene over the last ten years then you may know James Domestic from his numerous bands and projects. These include the hard-gigging THE DOMESTICS, who have blazed their way through Europe a number of times. Ahead of the release of his solo album ‘Carrion Repeating‘ we sit down with James Domestic to ask him 10 very important questions.

TNS: Please introduce the band?

James: Well, as it’s a solo album, the band is essentially me! That said, there are some other people doing things here and there, that have helped to make this first record what it is, so my eternal thanks go out to Clare and Matt Gillet, Lu James, Eddie O’Toole, and John Hewson who all added something special to the whole. Also, thanks to Rhodes and Mint from THE DOMESTICS for lending a mixing ear and being in my mad videos respectively.

TNS: Which of your releases should people check out first and what track is your definitive song?

James: I kind of have to say the Carrion Repeating album, as that’s all there is currently! As for a definitive song, it’s really hard to say – I mean, anyone that’s heard the singles will have noticed how they’re all pretty different to each other…it’s a very broad album, musically.

TNS: Which member of the band is guaranteed to make you late getting to the gig and why?

James: Currently there is no band as such, so it’s impossible to say!

TNS: What is your favourite venue to play?

James: Ah, there are loads. In the UK I always enjoy the Fulford Arms in York, used to enjoy T Chances when it was going The Birds Nest is usually fun, various Manchester venues…and that’s before we get onto mainland Europe, where, as THE DOMESTICS, we’ve played some amazing spaces.

TNS: Tell us about something ridiculous that has happened to you whilst on the road.

James: When we played Amsterdam for, I think, the second time I got fondled by a woman at the front while we were playing, which was a bit unexpected to say the least!

TNS: What are the best and worst bits of being in an underground/DIY band?

James: It’s a double-edged sword really…the best bit about being DIY is that you can do it all yourself without having to rely on anyone else. Conversely, the worst bit about being DIY is that you have to do it all yourself and can’t rely on anyone else. I spend so much time essentially doing admin shit…think of how much more music I could make if someone else was doing all that for me!

TNS: What up and coming bands should we all be checking out?

James: LOOSE NUKES (the Texas band, not the Philly one), FROGGY & THE RINGES, THE EBONY STEEL BAND, ILL CONSIDERED, SCHIZOS, NEGATIVO, KOOL & THE GANGBANGERS, COLD FEET…that’s just off the top of my head.

TNS: Any advice for emerging bands/bands just starting out?

James: Don’t pay to play. Ever. Pointless. And don’t feel like you need someone’s permission to do anything – just do it! Press a record, make a video in your smartphone.

TNS: What’s next for you guys in the short term and the long term?

James: I’ve already started writing the second album. I’m still mulling over whether to do the solo stuff live. It’d have to be a seven piece band even with some people taking on more than one instrument and that just sounds like such a pain in the arse. That said, I think it would be brilliant to do, so let’s see.

TNS: Finally, and most importantly, what is the biggest animal you could take down with your bare hands? Hypothetically, of course. We like animals. We often put them on t-shirts.

James: Animal from The Muppets. He’s all mouth and trousers that lad.