10 Questions with Batwölf

What’s better than an LP from a great band? An LP with four great bands with various takes on punk rock n’ roll and hardcore. We have Christmas, Haest, Bätwolf and Electric Frankenstein joining forces to bring you a stacked record. Ahead of the release of the ‘International Split LP’ next month we’ve sat down with Jaap from Batwölf to ask him 10 vitally important questions.

TNS: Please introduce the band?

Batwölf: Hi, we’re Batwölf from the Netherlands. We play punkrock ‘n roll.

TNS: Which of your releases should people check out first and what track is your definitive song?

Batwölf: We got a new record coming out, filled with rocking pun ksongs. It probably be out round the beginning of 2023. We recently released a couple of songs digitally and I think you should check out ‘she’s on fire’ because it’s about dancing with your love on the beat of rock ’n’ roll.

TNS: Which member of the band is guaranteed to make you late getting to the gig and why?

Batwölf: Most of the time we’re pretty punctual, but if o have to name names, I would go with Frank. He doesn’t always acknowledge the existence of time.

TNS: What is your favourite venue to play?

Batwölf: I would say the ‘sub071’ but that one has been torn down. The same people started a new venue called ‘the resistor’ in Leiden. As in the UK I would say Rad Apples or Lady Luck.

TNS: Tell us about something ridiculous that has happened to you whilst on the road.

Batwölf: That’s what I personally like about getting out on the road, all kinds of ridiculous are bound to happen. I can tell you about the one time we were taking the ferry from IJmuiden to New Castle. A combination of stormy weather, pints of beer, bingo and a terrible troubadour. I’ll gladly tell when we meet.

TNS: What are the best and worst bits of being in an underground/DIY band?

Batwölf: All good!

TNS: What up and coming bands should we all be checking out?

Batwölf: Oskoed Slotters
BB and the Binky Boys
Black Tarantula

TNS: Any advice for emerging bands/bands just starting out?

Batwölf: Write songs, book gigs, have fun and take it serious, but not too serieus.

TNS: What’s next for you guys in the short term and the long term?

Batwölf: First full length coming up, making more songs and playing live. Keep doing it until we’re not feeling like being 35 anymore.

TNS: Finally, and most importantly, what is the biggest animal you could take down with your bare hands? Hypothetically, of course. We like animals. We often put them on t-shirts.

Batwölf: Actually I’ve got a story for you. Niels, our drummer, was on a holiday in Russia a couple of years ago. He went out with his girlfriend and when walking home through the goelag he encountered a black bear. The bear was foaming at the mouth and shouting some fascist stuff. (Black bears are known for their foul language). So Niels took one step back, the bear assumed he was backing down, but in fact Niels was building up energy in his calves, getting ready to launch for his throat.

The bear attacked, Niels stepped aside at the last moment, tackled the bear, jumped 180 degrees and landed with his feet on the head of the beast, crushing the skull, providing save passage for him and his lady.

But don’t ask him about it, he’s shy.